Seattle Parks Foundation

Seattle Parks Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and expanding Seattle’s parks and green spaces. Since 2001, private donations and grants have enabled Seattle Parks Foundation and its community partners to complete 24 park projects, including three new parks, and raise over $28 million in private contributions.

What We Do: 

Neighborhood Parks

eattle Parks Foundation began by improving local parks and green spaces that people around the city use on a daily basis. From school play areas to urban natural spaces, we strive to provide safe and enjoyable parks within walking distance of every resident in Seattle.

Our projects include:

  • Play Areas
  • Historic Restorations
  • Habitat Restorations
  • Legacy Parks

Major Urban Parks

Great cities need great parks. The Parks Foundation is committed to creating significant parks of regional importance that become cultural and recreational centers of the Emerald City. Our current project is Lake Union Park, a 12-acre world-class waterfront park in the heart of Seattle.

Green Connections

As Seattle has grown, our concept of parks has expanded to include linear open spaces, trails, and boulevards. Our Bands of Green report identifies over 50 projects that can help connect Seattle’s neighborhoods and green spaces with safe and enjoyable routes for all modes of transportation.

  • Bands of Green
  • Lake Union Trail
Bench and Tree Programs

Seattle Parks Foundation works with Seattle Parks and Recreation and individuals to provide amenities to parks throughout Seattle. Donations of benches and trees improve our parks one gift at a time and create opportunities for people to leave lasting legacies in their favorite parks.

  • Bench Program
  • Tree Program

Numbers of Note
  • Parks Completed: 24
  • Parks in Progress: 7
  • Money Raised: $28 million
  • New Parks Created: 3
  • Year Founded: 2001
  • Benches donated: 100+
  • Trees donated: 30+


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